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I was thirsty and you gave me a drink

Jesus commended the Sheep (Matt 25) for their understanding to give thirsty people a drink.  A simple locally produced gravity filter removes harmful bacteria and viruses.  Most rural people have to collect firewood and boil a pan of water to then later cool to be drunk by the family.  One hidden enemy is e coli a particularly robust bacteria that need to be boiled for 7-10 minutes to be safe to drink.  Boiling this long is rarely done. 



Water Filters

The locally manufactured Nazava brand of gravity water filter takes unclean well, river or ditch water and with no external power other than gravity produces clean water virtually free of bacterial and viruses.  Accessing clean drinkable water is one of the most accessible simple technologies that can break the circle of poverty.


Islands Water

We have a vision to work through local networks and churches to distribute more of these filters.  Churches, for example, have a certain number of "KaKa" or named registered families with them and the next project is for  thirty six kaka to receive these filters.  

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