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I was hungry and you gave me food

Many people in rural and urban communities find it a challenge to cari nasi, or "find rice"to eat - everyday!  In so that children, parents and many other relatives in a household can survive for another day.  Assisting them with food in tough times is can be a small blessing.



Food for Today

Many of us in the West have the luxury of many choices of where to eat, what to eat, or how even to eat less.  This is a luxury for many.  With Global prices rising of basic supplies, it has hit the poorest the hardest.  We must share some love in a bundle of food for the hungry.



Sembako is the Indonesian word for the food basics of life.  Rice, sugar, cooking oil, eggs and noodles.  Typically gathered in groups of 10 or 20 families, we distribute them to local families in need.  We also include a Kulumi audio player, where possible, for food and drink for the soul.



People in Crisis

Be is todays pandemic, a tsunami, earthquake, or economic ruin, for many life is a struggle to begin with.  Times of serious crisis can push people over the edge.  But small things at just the right time can help.  

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