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The Listeners
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Most people live life communicating by talking and listening. Some can read, but most really prefer not too. They love to listen and be spoken to by a person's voice instead.  We call them oral prefered learners and in many rural communities they are virtually 100% speaking and listening people. Many have old tired eyes, either with cataracts, or become blind such as from diabetesLet's get them audio Scriptures and media on a reliable sustainable device that speaks directly to their heart.

Kulumi Audio Player

A Kulumi Mini is a solar-charged audio player containing a large rechargeable battery that features a internal 8G memory card programable.  It has a long-lasting warm LED lamp, FM Radio and can be used as a portable mini speaker and power bank for a phone.  They are distributed free of charge much the same way the Giddons share the printed Word.  They have proved extremely popular and are in great demand. More about the device here


Kulumi Sheep

The Sheep is a soft cuddly sheep that contains a mini-rechargeable audio player with a 8G memory to store audio stories and Scripture.  Once thought a child's toy, they have no longer any upper age limit.  Grandchild, or grandmother...the Kulumi sheep is a great friend and companion.


New Kulumi X

Brand NEW.  The Kulumi X is an ultra-portable, solar-powered audio player featuring an 8G internal memory and a six-plus hour of play of audio digital material through its loudspeaker.  The biggest feature is its cost of USD10 (excluding shipping or import fees  


What does Kulumi Mean?

Kulu is South African Swahili for Great and Lumi is Latin for Light.  A little Kulumi is a light for in the dark because it shares the message of the One who is the Great Light come to illuminate a dark world.

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