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The day is remembered oh so well!  High over the Rocky Mountains in crystal-clear skies on this chilly winter day, flew a Learjet 60. Clive, the pilot, had been reading at home the book; The Peace Child. A story about how a young couple had paddled upstream in the 1960's with their baby boy to a people group on the island of Irian Jaya. What a harrowing adventure they had lived out, but most impactful to Clive, was how the couple had evidenced God at work.  


From a business jet pilot, to the beginning of an other family journey to help people in a faraway place.  A mid-West family in 2002 began their own story in participating in the work of God.  Now in 2022 that their children are all grown, and their four grandchildren growing even faster, Clive and Kathryn are both living on the West coast of the island of the gods: Bali, Indonesia.  It is here we try to love their neighbours as ourselves. Clive retired from flying in 2015 to continue as chaplain and purveyor of God's love, and Kathryn, an educational specialist, loves to see young people thrive into today's leaders.

The Cahaya Foundation has an unusual name, but how did it come to be named so? Cahaya in the indonesian language means light, or illuminate, and it functions for the purposes of the One that called himself the Light of the World. This unfolding story would could not be without the kind people that regularly pray and donate of their finances. We are also are indebted to the experience and generosity of Bob, Kevin and Sam on the board of The Cahaya Foundation.

Thank you for your part in God's story,

Clive and Kathryn

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