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Who are we


We are a Christian non-profit foundation dedicated to providing tangible and intangible demonstrations of God's love to people worldwide. 


We are grateful for everyone who chooses to pray and donate generously so that together, we can bring hope and peace to people in need



Our mission has always been God's mission. Before time began, God and all his heavenly beings stepped out of a spiritual realm into this created physical one. And that includes every man, woman and child that ever there was. Satan corrupted that relationship until Jesus was sent to bridge us back into a relationship with the Father. This life is no more than a preparation for Eternity. The Cahaya Foundation is about preparing others for that time.


Jesus told us the fields were white for the harvest, but the workers to do the harvesting were few. Our vision is that we will together give packages of food and clean water filters to a hurting few people. Jesus uses food and water (John 6) as a picture of those who would drink or eat of himself so that they would live forever in Heaven. So this is our vision: to help to this chief end!

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